What's TISF?

About the Tokyo International Science Festival

What's TISF?

The TISF is a festival that celebrates science and technology with the motto, "Making Community Bonds Global". We would like to develop a community in which people of all ages can enjoy science as part of their culture. We hope that this festival enriches the local culture, industries, and people's quality of life by promoting communication among citizens, businesses, universities, and institutions devoted to research and continuing education.

Tokyo area has various organizations that actively serve domestic and international communities (comparing with the Japanese, I think that this sentence is not a good translation). These organizations, which include universities, research institutions, local industries, and museums, are embedded in local communities where science, technology, and culture exist alongside people's daily lives. In addition, this region is well-known for its international glass-roots activities. True to our tradition for new initiatives, we will hold our first annual science festival from 2009, which is also the International Year of Astronomy, the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, and the 150th anniversary of Darwin's publication of "On the Origin of Species".


Science for Our Culture

2011 Festival Period

September 10 (Sat) > October 10 (Mon)
Various events of making science and technology familiar are held for this period in Tokyo.
Let's enjoy science this fall!

Event Sites

from Mitaka City to whole Tokyo metropolitan area
You will find science right next to you.
The festival events are held at universities, research institutions, museums, business, and other places all over the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Objective (Mission)

We hope to stimulate citizens, NPOs, businesses, and municipalities to work together with scientists, and that such collaborative activities involving science will lead citizens towards the development of a unique community and the realization of the following four objectives.

  1. The establishment citizen-centered science activities rooted in the local community.
  2. The construction of a network to spread an understanding of science as culture
  3. The development of projects with universities and research laboratories to promote science as culture.
  4. The widespread promotion of science as culture in society, education, industries, and tourist sites in the Tokyo metropolitan region.

2010 Outline

September 11 (Sat) > October 10 (Sun)
The Earth foresting Life -Science for Life-
The theme of the 2nd festival is "environment and our life"

2009 Outline

September 12 (Sat) > 27 (Sun)
The Universe, Life, the Earth, and us
The theme of the 1st festival is "Humankind in the Universe."