The Tokyo International Science Festival Appeal.

Towards regional network for culture and collaboration
 by science festival project

Modern development of science and technology has expanded our knowledge and enriched our life enormously.
On the other hand, we are faced at global environmental variation, shortage of energy and mineral resources, ethnological and food problems, which threaten sustainability of mankind and the earth. We are in the era, in which we should think what is the real satisfactory society, what is the correct relation between mankind and the nature.

In order to challenge such problems in a collaborative way, we should share knowledge of science and technology and to share our wisdom for the solution. For that reason, we should create a community of people in each region of our country so that people can share sense and effort. This would be the first step for our country to be a really sustainable society.

At each home, at each region, people enjoy science and become familiar to technology. So that regional science culture will emerge and active sustainable society will grow. In commemoration of World Year of Astronomy 2009, we will organize the first International Science Festival in Tokyo with the theme "Universe, Life, Earth and ourselves".

Please give support to the project so that culture on the basis of science and technology knowledge may be bright in this country.

advisory board

Akito Arima, Chairman of Japan Science Foundation
Tadao Kiyonari, Director of NPO Mitaka Network University Organization
Keiko Kiyohara, Mayor of Mitaka City
Norihiko Suzuki, Prsident of International Christian University
Shoken Miyama, Director General of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Hideo Miyahara, President of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Hideo Ohashi, President of Kogakuin University
Keiji Tachikawa, Prsident of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency